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I had been a graphic designer most of my life

before I started creating metal art. 

Graphic design had always allowed me to be creative, but when I started working with steel I felt like it was what I'd been searching for.

For me, the printed page and computer screen paled in comparison

to making something you could physically hold in your hands

(or put on a street corner) at the end of the day.

I use recycled and 'found' steel almost exclusively in all of my work.

I'll also mix in some copper or other metals when a project calls for it.

My influences are pretty varied.

Looney Tunes...The Simpsons...Swiss grid design...industrial art...

heavy metal music...80's culture...recycled farm equipment.


Whether you refer to it as metal arts, industrial arts or sculpture

my main focus is to make things that mean something to me.   

Pieces pictured on main page may be available for purchase.

Commission & custom pieces always welcome.

Email me with any questions or ideas for projects.





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